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Ensuring Stability: The Importance of a Child Support Attorney

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Finding a skilled Child Support Attorney in West Palm Beach is crucial for ensuring your financial needs are met. A lawyer could help you establish or modify child support based on Florida guidelines that consider the amount of each parent’s income, anticipated health insurance costs for the children and other expenses related to their care, and the proportion of time each parent spends with each child. An experienced attorney could also advocate for you if you believe the guidelines do not adequately reflect your situation.

Child support is a legal obligation that should be paid on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, not all parents fulfill this responsibility. If you have a child support order that is not being fulfilled, it may be necessary to take legal action. A West Palm Beach family lawyer could explain your options for enforcement and work collaboratively with the local child support agency to help you enforce the order.

The firm provides services that include family law, divorce, domestic violence, criminal defense, and civil litigation. Its attorneys work with clients to resolve matters such as child custody, alimony, and property division. The office serves clients in the West Palm Beach and Boca Raton area. Its founder is a board-certified family law specialist.

Mr. Jamieson has more than 40 years of experience in assisting family members with child custody and support issues. He takes the time to fully understand each client’s unique situation and economic circumstances to ensure he or she receives fair and equitable child support. He regularly attends seminars and educational forums to remain up-to-date on current child support issues.

This law firm focuses on complex marital issues, including contested and high net-worth divorces. It handles child support and spousal support matters, asset division, marital property division, and other issues. The firm has been in business for more than 37 years and its founder has experience in high-stakes litigation.

Robert M. W. Shalhoub provides sound guidance when disagreements regarding spousal and child support derail the outcome of a contested or high-asset divorce. He uses his 35 years of experience, in-depth family law knowledge, and courtroom skills to help his clients reach resolutions that reflect their goals.

This firm focuses on the legal rights of women and men involved in family law matters such as divorce, child custody, and property division. It handles cases involving alleged domestic violence, divorce, and paternity. Its attorneys negotiate custody and timesharing agreements, file petitions for support and alimony, and represent clients in contempt proceedings. The firm handles civil and commercial litigation in addition to family law cases. Its founder is a Florida Bar board-certified family law specialist. He is also a certified mediator.

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